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    Welcome to 5th-year-students 


You will find here all the information and resources you need to get ready for your final exam :)


You can use the fields below for any questions, curiosities  or doubts you may have

Why not start with a quiz? And since we have just read about Jane Austen ...



I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!



As for Jane, since we didn't have enough time to develop all the themes which are present in Pride and Prejudice, I am giving you some useful links. Please have a look at them so that you may have more opportunities to get a high mark in your classwork :)

Here    you can find more information as for the context, the plot, the characters and the themes.


Here   pride_and_predjudice glencoe.pdf   too, you'll find a lot about the novel and the writer.


Here on the contrary you can find plenty of information about Wuthering Heights and also a study guide about it    wuthering_heights.pdf





We have now to start to learn something about the so-called Modern Age and its anxieties.

Find out more about J. Conrad and his Heart of Darkness in this Study Guide or on this site




Read  what V. Woolf wrote about the Modern Age in The Common Reader.   



Here you can read J. Joyce's Dubliners. Focus your attention above all on the first and abobe all the last story,


The Dead 


Here is a document which might be useful for revision work    The Dead



Click here on the contrary to learn about Dubliners 



               GEORGE ORWELL                 


Click here  in order to find information about  1984. Here  on the contrary you can read an interesting essay about language in the novel.


And here is a scheme which you might find helpful for revision  scheme 1984.pdf






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